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Seven to Eleven Rules of Tea

The Rules of Tea


Brew it right. There is a method in preparing tea, and one should be mindful about how it is done. Doing it any other way prevents you from unlocking the full flavour of the tea leaves.

Only use the proper utensils. Making a perfect cup of tea requires the use of the best-quality utensils available. Like an artist with a broken brush, how can one enjoy fine tea if the utensils are stained or dirty?


Hats and other uppity garments? Not compulsory. One drinks tea to relax and refresh. If one is too restrained by artificial formalities or social etiquette, one will not fully enjoy their tea.


Share it with those who appreciate it. Tea is the perfect complement to a relaxing afternoon and idle chatter. Brew some and share with a friend! Similarly, don't expect a favourable response if present company turns their noses up at simple refreshments.


Light palettes only. To capture the fragrance of tea, your mouth demands that it be cleansed of all strong odours. Meat of any kind is out of the question.


No rushing. Tea needs time to penetrate the soul and warm the heart. How can it, if one is but a whirlwind of work and responsibilities with no time to savour it?


Cool, empty rooms are best. The world can be a mass of cluttered, dirty objects that are stifling and irritating. Find a place of simplicity and devoid of noise, and pour yourself a cup of tea. Relax, and let your mind wander.


Let your artistic mind wander. Tea aids clear thought, cultivates a poetic mind and is helpful when putting ink to paper. Write a poem, compose a song or start a short story.


Take a stroll to nowhere. A leisurely walk in the yard or garden path can help to gather one's composure, and relax the mind.


Accessories can be pleasant. To enhance the enjoyment of tea, light snacks, fruit and some flowers can be wonderful complements.


Appreciate the taste of tea. It's not about the drinking that matters; it's the sensation that one derives from it.

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